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“BEHIND THE STORY” Recap: “The Big Bang Theory”

Cast Behind the Story Big Bang Theory

Sitcom super-producer Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, Mom) stops to snap a picture of the crowd on his phone before joining The Big Bang Theory‘s very funny cast and co-producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro on BEHIND THE STORYNCIS actress Pauley Perette hosts the PaleyFest panel, jumping right in with a question about the inspiration for the characters’ unusual professions.

“Well, we’d all seen A Beautiful Mind, and what a funny movie that was,” Lorre jokes, before explaining that co-creator Prady regaled him with hilarious stories about the “troubled” individuals he encountered working as a computer programmer in the ’80s. Prady adds that Lorre wanted to keep them “separate from the moneymaking world” and make them researchers and physicists to ensure more of a low-stakes, slacker tone for the series.

Perette asks star Jim Parsons how he came up with Sheldon Cooper’s strained signature laugh. “I don’t know,” admits Parsons, mock-annoyed, “But they won’t let me stop doing it!”

Kaley Cuoco takes a question about Penny finally telling Leonard she loves him. Cuoco reveals that she and co-star Johnny Galecki, whom she formerly dated in real life, shot the scene in a single take. Steve Molaro quotes Cuoco’s touching words to Galecki after the shoot: “We started the scene and it was like the audience went away, and the cameras went away, and it was just us.”

When Perette asks about the bromance between Raj and Howard, Simon Helberg is quick to ask, “On or off-screen?” Kunal Nayyar explains the pair’s humorously antagonistic real-life relationship, describing Helberg as “the only person I can just walk up to and say, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ and walk away, and we’ll still be friends!”

Kaley Cuoco shares the origins of Penny’s infamous flash mob dance, which she prepared in secret without telling the writers, an experience she calls “the best moment of my life!”

Melissa Rauch cracks up the crowd with a wicked impression of her mother’s New Jersey accent, which she compares to a more extreme version of Bernadette’s voice.

An audience member asks Kaley Cuoco what dating advice she’d give to the average real-life nerd: “Just keep knocking on your neighbor’s door, because she’s eventually going to open it.”

“That’s terrible advice,” Parsons fires back after an awkward silence. “He’ll get hit with a restraining order!”

Finally, a fan asks if the cast members have taken any inspiration from their characters in real life. Kunal says he’s learned from Raj’s innocence, while Helberg jokes, “I’ve learned what the smallest possible pant size I can squeeze into is.”

Parsons speculates that the show might run ten seasons, before admitting the prediction is a total guess. He thanks the series’ writers for keeping the show so good, and the cast leads the audience in a final round of applause for the staff, sitting a few rows back in the audience.

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