Get Outta The Water! What’s the Reigning Shark Movie?

Sharks. Cinema’s most enigmatic beast. Leopard, tiger, great white, hammerhead: these vicious finned predators have always had a knack for terrorizing characters and stealing scenes—one even had it’s own ominous tune. It all started with Jaws, the quintessential Spielberg blockbuster that carved out a permanent spot in Hollywood for all the flesh-tearing shark villains to come. Nothing generates suspense quite like a shark chase, and the gory attacks that befall the unlucky are enough to scare audiences right out of the ocean (and the pool, and the shower). Whether you like your sharks animatronic (Jaws), CGI (Deep Blue Sea), or animated and voiced by Robert De Niro (Shark Tale), make your preference known—vote for your top shark movie in the poll below.

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