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“THE APPROVAL MATRIX”: 5 Questions with “New York Times” Best-Selling Author Derek Blasberg

New York Times best-selling author Derek Blasberg shuns Instagram, praises Kimye’s brilliance and wants to see Meryl Streep wasted. Don’t miss Blasberg as a featured panelist in THE APPROVAL MATRIX: “Who Died and Made You Cool?”.

Q: What social media platform encourages the most Lowbrow-Despicable behavior and why?

A: Instagram. One word: Selfies.

Q: Which highbrow TV show had the most despicable jump-the-shark moment? What was it?

A: I equate Lara Logan’s Benghazi debacle on 60 Minutes to the Lindsay Lohan documentary on the Oprah network. 

Q: Who is the most brilliant at reframing lowbrow behavior so it seems acceptable?

A: Kanye West. He had a baby with Kim Kardashian.

Q: Is there a Highbrow-Brilliant celebrity that you’d secretly like to see uncensored?

A: I’d like to see Meryl Streep fall out of a nightclub wasted.

Q: Where do vegan snack bars fall on THE APPROVAL MATRIX and why?

A: Despicable. I’m a Missouri boy. I need my protein the old fashioned way.

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