“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 206 (Mazel Tov)

After partying at Lezley’s house, Daniel wakes up naked in Marcy’s bed. Marcy chats with him in the kitchen and kisses him good-bye.

Daniel sees Trey at the gas station and confronts him. They stare each other down.

At home, Teddy reads Tawney’s pregnancy test and grins. “You’re pregnant!” he says, dancing around the room. Tawney asks Teddy to keep the news a secret for a while.

Daniel pulls into the driveway at home. The neighbor tells him another branch fell, this time from a different tree.

Inside, Janet tells Daniel he was gone for three days and that she almost called the sheriff. Daniel apologizes then asks to borrow $50, promising to pay her back when he gets a job.

Daniel attends Rutherford Gaines’ funeral. The crowd erupts in whispers when Daniel delivers an impromptu eulogy.

After the funeral, Sen. Foulkes tells Carl that D.A. Person wants to offer Daniel a plea deal to get the case out of her hair.

At the diner, Carl tells Sen. Foulkes about Daniel’s assault on Teddy. Sen. Foulkes calls the news a “gift from the gods” and orders Carl to get Teddy on record.

Sen. Foulkes asks Marcy if he can visit her later. She makes an excuse.

On a date at the roller rink, Amantha tells Jon she’s no longer worried about keeping their relationship a secret in Paulie. They kiss.

In the parking lot, a woman asks Amantha and Jon to kiss elsewhere “so that we don’t have to think about Hanna and what happened to her that night.” Jon confronts her about neglecting the facts and failing to think for herself.

In a flashback, a chaplain visits Daniel on death row. Daniel broods in his cell.

While working on the kitchen demo, Daniel subtly lets Jared know that he’s aware Jared took his Walkman and Hanna’s mixtape. He encourages Jared’s curiosity but warns him to be careful. Jared reminds Daniel that Janet’s birthday party is at 2 p.m.

Using Janet’s $50, Lezley and Daniel buy a vintage Wedgewood stove from a widower. Daniel expresses guilt for taking the man’s stove, but Lezley insists it hasn’t been used in years.

At home, Janet and Jared bake her birthday cake. Janet acts coolly toward Ted Sr., still upset about his harsh words toward Daniel.

Amantha and Jon pull up to the Talbot residence. Amantha tells Jon it’s Janet’s first birthday with all of her children and promises to be nice to everyone, including Teddy.

Amantha forces Janet to stop working on her birthday and drink some wine. Teddy and Tawney arrive. Teddy congratulates Amantha and Jon for finally coming out as a couple.

An hour later, Amantha suggests they start dinner. Janet insists they wait for Daniel, who is late.

The family chatters over dinner as Janet sits quietly, disappointed in Daniel’s absence. Daniel finally arrives with Lezley and apologizes for being late.

Daniel brings Janet into the kitchen to reveal her birthday present: the Wedgewood stove. “I thought it was what you wanted,” Daniel says when he notes Janet’s subdued reaction. Teddy launches into the downfalls of owning a gas stove. Ted Sr. alleviates the tension by offering to install it. Daniel and Janet smile.

Daniel thanks Lezley for his help and sees him off. He runs into Tawney in the kitchen and expresses his gratitude for her support. “You made me feel, really feel,” he says.

From the living room, Teddy sees Tawney and Daniel sharing a moment. He abruptly calls Tawney over and announces to the family that she’s pregnant. Janet leaps for joy. Tawney looks over at Daniel, who leaves at the news.

In a flashback, the chaplain plays classical music for Daniel. Daniel touches the tape recorder as tears stream down his face.

In the present day, Daniel walks to the spot where Hanna was killed and puts a hallucinogenic mushroom in his mouth. He hears a woman’s voice whispering, “Daniel.”

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