“Rectify, Rectify” by Leanne Grabel

To rectify. To remedy. To make right.
As in Got to rectify the situation.
Fix it. Fix it!

Classical Southern tragedy.
A dead girl & mistakes.
A blurry murderer with glittering eyes.

Smalltown Georgia.
Sugarberry trees & sugar maples.
Ash trees and beech.

Tire stores & diners.
Biscuits & triple orders of hashed browns.
Big tires and wheels.

Lots of haters. Always haters.
[One Christian.]
[One Jew.]

Swimming through cloying humidity.
Suspicion represses like a tight suit.
Even with the AC on high.

A sleazy Senator with secrets seeps through.
Not very attractive. But. Yes.
Giving it from behind.

Ostentatious vases of lilies growing old. Smell bad.
Out the window.
Carpets of bachelor buttons. Dropdead blue.

Everyone is guilty.
Manners melting. Look like motor oil. Dark and dirty.
Air heavy like your father’s giant aunt.

Intrigue as sweet as a fritter. Working hard.
She is beautiful. She’s a master.
How we’re drawn to the sweat of her shine.

Got to rectify the situation. The hatred’s old.
(And still in his wrinkled linen suit.)
Stupidity seeps from his drapey jowls.

Got to rectify. To remedy. To make right.

Leanne Grabel is a special education and language arts teacher as well as a performance poet, award-winning journalist, memoirist, illustrator, and co-founder of Cafe Lena, which hosted the longest continuously running poetry openmike in Portland history. Grabel is currently working on a new collection of prose poems entitled City Cake, and an illustrated children’s book The Little Poet.

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