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Five films, six highly personal stories this week (that’s a tricky one, eh? Read on!). Yes, even our one big-name Hollywood film is really just about a regular guy (who happens to look just like Harrison Ford) trying to do right by his wife. This is what storytelling in film is all about. Which leads us to…

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Todd Solondz directs two separate films about personal dysfunction connected by high school and college. And Toby Oxman finally gets his film shown on Sundance Channel this week. (Watch the trailer.)


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This update to the 60′s classic brought Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones together in a running battle between two of 1990′s cinema’s most manly mans’ men. Harrison Ford would like you to know that he did not kill his wife.

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Andrea Arnold’s Cannes Jury Prize-winning FISH TANK is a story of alienation and rebellion in the exurbs of London. Teenager Mia has lost herself in the downward spiral between her and her mother, getting herself kicked out of school and spending her days up to no good. When her mother shags up with a new man, Mia attempts to seduce him.

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A Mexican man and a Canadian woman shack up together in Los Angeles, beginning a long distance relationship that’s fraught with all the perils thereof. Can they both handle it? Do they even want to? And are they really compatible in the first place, or was this just a fling?

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All of Ridley Scott’s alien goo and space talk might make you forget that he also made A GOOD YEAR with some guy named Russell Crowe. It’s a lot like their collaboration for GLADIATOR, except that it isn’t anything like GLADIATOR at all. Crowe plays an uptight, money hungry Wall Street type (only English) who reevaluates his life when he inherits his uncle’s vineyard in the South of France.

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