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This week’s theme is… nymphomania! Ok, so only two of our five featured films focus on characters who go beyond simple promiscuity, but that’s 50% more than a normal week. In addition, we’ve got Daniel Day-Lewis, Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and the story behind one of post-punk music’s biggest fallen icons. Unfortunately not all in the same film, but hey, you’ve got to pace yourself. We’ve got all week together.

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Vera’s a sexual animal, picking up strangers on the street, video taping sexual encounters and just generally acting like a character straight out of a Penthouse Forum letter. So when her boyfriend(?!) decides to pimp her out, he figures it’ll be easy money. But little does he know that she’s got a plan of her own. Neve Campbell stars.

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Daniel Day-Lewis! Do we really need to say more about IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER? Shortly after winning his first Oscar for MY LEFT FOOT, Day-Lewis starred as a common thief falsely accused of an IRA bombing and imprisoned, along with his father, for 14 years. A true story.


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Ian Curtis and Joy Division helped usher in the post-punk, post-rock music scene that evolved into the British indie and American alternative music movements, but Curtis lived a life in perpetual torment. Like Kurt Cobain after him, Curtis had the right look and sound for his time, but was pushed into celebrity without a desire for it. Famed music director and all-around visual artiste Anton Corbijn directs.

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Val’s been a promiscuous girl since she was 15, and she begins keeping a diary at her grandmother’s suggestion… which she promptly fills with her sexual adventures. We see her fall into prostitution and her ultimate attempt at redemption, but can someone with such a reputation really convince those around her that she’s finally settled down?

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Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner became something of an acting team in the 1980′s, reuniting after the success of ROMANCING THE STONE to throw things at each other for a couple of hours in this tale of marriage gone horribly wrong, and a house literally divided. It’s enough to make you want to stay single forever, isn’t it?

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