Top 10 life lessons from John Cusack

Photo Credit: Listal

John Cusack’s entire career is something of a life lesson: you don’t need to be conventionally macho to become a leading man. Even in the golden age of muscled-up testosterone, the eighties, Cusack found success in offbeat roles while seeding a career with far fewer rough patches than, say, Sylvester Stallone’s. This month, Sundance Channel is showing two of Cusack’s very best, SAY ANYTHING and HIGH FIDELITY; in those movies and others, Cusack has much to teach us.

10. Be persistent.
Of course, one man’s persistence is another woman’s restraining order, but Lloyd Dobler (Cusack) gets his first sorta-date with “Diane Court whoa” (in the parlance of Cameron Crowe’s wonderful screenplay) through some gentle prodding: He calls her up. She politely brushes him off. He pushes back, ever so slightly, and she agrees to go with him to a party. The phonecall scene is just one of many classic exchanges in SAY ANYTHING, perhaps the best teenage romance movie ever, and part of what makes it so compelling is the way Diane Court offers rejection, and Dobler/Cusack refuses to give up.

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