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Ever feel that twinge of nostalgia for those glory days of high school and college? Well, you may have forgotten the aimlessness and angst of post-graduation – but don’t worry, we’ve got two films to remind you of it this week. Also on tap, a sexy (but literary!) romp through Paris, one of the best Stephen King film adaptations ever, and Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason-Leigh at each other’s throats.

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Closing out that fleeting period genre known as the 1980′s teen romance (and fittingly set partly after high school graduation), SAY ANYTHING captured the best of films like SIXTEEN CANDLES, PRETTY IN PINK and SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL while flatly declaring that it was time to grow up. It also cemented John Cusack’s status as a heartthrob for the ladies and a hero to underachieving young guys (oops, “men”). Cameron Crowe had previously written FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, now considered something of a classic in its own right for its originally unrecognized complexity, and SAY ANYTHING marked his directorial debut.

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Working as a counterpart to SAY ANYTHING, Lena Dunham’s award-winning feature about that lost period just after college graduation makes it clear that there’s still one more level left to conquer before throwing yourself head-first into this thing we call “real life”. She not only directs but also stars as Aura, a recent grad with a degree in film theory who’s forced to return home and work in a restaurant while she figures out her future. (Hey, she can always apply for a job at Sundance Channel.)


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Jennifer Jason-Leigh and Alan Cumming crafted this dramedy about a creative couple trying to reconcile despite tensions caused by their intertwining occupations (he’s about to direct a film based on her; she’s an actress he decided not to cast in the role). Taking place over one night, the film introduces characters as party guests, cluing the audience in through dialogue to the rich relationships at work – relationships that are slowly but violently pulled apart as the evening wears on and the drugs and alcohol begin to cloud the guests’ judgment.


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Stephen King adaptations can sometimes be hit or miss, but THE DEAD ZONE was clearly the former. A thoroughly creepy Christopher Walken leads a great cast as John Smith, a man who becomes cursed with the ability to see into other peoples’ lives – including their futures – after awakening from a coma. Just touch his hand and he’ll go all FINAL DESTINATION on you. Unfortunately for Johnny, these visions aren’t of the mundane but rather act as a warning for some future cataclysmic event, culminating when Johnny meets a young presidential candidate and sees a future apocalypse. Is Johnny really seeing the future, or is he just a nut? Tom Skerrit and Martin Sheen co-star.

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The first film ever to receive an NC-17 rating tells the sexxxy story of Henry Miller, his wife June and Anais Nin, a bored and also-married Parisian woman who edges in on both Henry and June (separately) after they move to the city. As liberal yet tortured in their own relationship as they are, Henry & June end up having their own individual affairs with Nin, creating a love triangle that threatens the stability of everybody’s relationship with everybody else. Can’t we all just get along? Fred Ward, Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros star.

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