Top 10 ultimate alternate universe films

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the real world, are we? Sundance Channel has the perfect escape on offer: Some really unreal worlds, alternative universes where hauntings, vampires, time travel, spontaneous combustion and the like are commonplace. However bad things may look right now, they can’t possibly compete with discovering that your kid is the spawn of Satan, can it? Here are 10 of our favorite alternate universes on film, of course, airing on Sundance Channel this month.


Ah, home sweet home. That place you can always count on for a comfy bed, a good night’s rest… well, unless your house is haunted, of course, by a violent spirit with a propensity for attacking young, innocent girls who live there. Based on the “true story” of the Bell Witch (yes, really!), AN AMERICAN HAUNTING spreads the supernatural creepies over two centuries, with girls 200 years apart being tortured by the witch — and all-too-real sexual abuse by trusted figures. Starring Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

Slip into an alternate universe this month on Sundance Channel, and check out the rest of our favorite twisted universes!.