Top 10 thrilling modern outlaws

Attention, filmmakers: If you want an audience to get behind a particular character, make him go it alone, force him to do things his own way. Renegade style. Whether he’s fighting for the good of mankind or redefining what constitutes evil, we can’t help but find him intriguing. These are self-sufficient guys with no apologies, few rules, and even fewer questions asked. And here are some of our favorites, our Top 10 Thrilling Modern Outlaws, every one of them airing on Sundance Channel in November.

10. Morgan Freeman as Bill Cabot in THE SUM OF ALL FEARS (2002)

In his film career, Morgan Freeman has played The President of the U.S.A., Nelson Mandela and even God. So why not the Director of the CIA? In this fourth film adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel, Freeman plays DCI Cabot as a guy with enough DIY fortitude to buck convention and rely on a naive intelligence analyst (Ben Affleck) when Russian relations start heading towards nuclear hell in a handbasket. Cabot is experienced, fatherly, cool (of course) and fully capable of dealing with an espionage-crazed world. Yeah, that’s Morgan Freeman all the way.

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Image Credits: Listal, The Movie DB