Sean Connery: 5 Great Scifi/Fantasy Roles

Sure, he’s Bond — arguably the best — in Goldfinger and From Russia With Love. Yeah, he won an Oscar for playing a grizzled Chicago lawman in The Untouchables. And of course, he’s a professor-adventurer in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. But, wow — has Sean Connery been in a lot of scifi and fantasy movies! Here are five of our favorites:

1. Zed, Zardoz
Zardoz is one of those movies it’s kind of hard to believe was ever made. Perhaps even one of the worst ever made? We’ll let you decide. But honestly, this trippy, postapocalyptic commentary on violence, sexuality and inequality is absolutely amazing. Connery travels in a stone-head god figure to discover (and ultimately destroy) an elite population — all while wearing a red sumo wrap thing, thigh-high boots and long ponytail. The aforementioned god head, a.k.a. Zardoz, shares these words of wisdom: “The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men.” What more can we say?

2. Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, Highlander
The immortal mentor to Highlander Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), Ramirez is a colorful guru adept in the art of swordplay, metallurgy and, y’know, being immortal. Here Connery gets to be flamboyant, heroic, mythical — and he gets to traipse around the Scottish countryside.

3. Draco, Dragonheart
That voice. You’d know it anywhere — even coming out of the mouth of a dragon. A relatively early (mid-’90s) example of cutting-edge animation, Draco was visually impressive, but you cared about him because of that unmistakable brogue. An enduring tale of friendship between the last creature of its kind and the warrior destined to slay him (Dennis Quaid).

4. King Agamemnon, Time Bandits
This Terry Gilliam time-travel adventure is filled with memorable characters — including a couple from his fellow Monty Python alums John Cleese and Michael Palin — but none more regal than the mighty Agamemnon. When a firefighter who looks suspiciously like Agamemnon shows up at the end of the film, our young hero, Kevin, realizes that perhaps his incredible journey wasn’t all in his imagination.

5. Allan Quatermain, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
Based loosely on the Alan Moore comic book, LEAGUE is an amalgam of steampunk adventure and famous fictional characters-turned-superheroes. Quatermain is part safari hunter, part league leader, and all Connery cool.