On tap this week, we’ve got three quirky, funny and yes, sad films for the independent minded, plus a bonus: an unlikely blockbuster thriller with an unusual stock of Oscar-winning talent. That’s four films for the price of three. Who doesn’t love a holiday season deal like that?

Sort of a LOST IN TRANSLATION for the comedy-minded, this award-winning film follows our protagonist “Johnson” as he attempts to invent and mass produce the next great novelty item (think hand buzzers, exploding cigarettes and the like). When his contact in China stands him up, Johnson decides to take matters into his own hands and negotiate with the Chinese manufacturer himself – without any knowledge of China or the Chinese language. Is an earnest desire to succeed enough to break through cultural barriers, especially when your goal is to produce a joke of a product?

MADE IN CHINA, Tuesday at 5P

The beauty of this world is something many of us don’t stop to notice until we’re confronted with our own mortality – and maybe part of the point of Michael McGowan’s film is that we shouldn’t wait that long. Joshua Jackson (best known for Fringe) finds out he has fourth-stage cancer and immediately sets off on a cross-country journey to find… something. He’ll know it when he finds it. Along the way, he’s forced to re-evaluate his relationship with a woman he’s not sure he loves. A bittersweet story of self-discovery backed by breathtaking natural beauty.

ONE WEEK, Friday at 11:45A

Stanley Tucci both directs and stars in this sweet but sad romance that made its first appearance at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Patricia Clarkson plays his wife in this series of role playing “blind dates” – a humorous game the couple plays to try to break through the pain of the loss of their five year old daughter in a car accident that they survived. Adapted from the 1996 film by Theo van Gogh.

BLIND DATE, Thursday at 11:45A

Jeff Bridges is The Dude. While he’s brought a lot of his own grizzled hippie persona to many of his recent roles (“you’re messing with my zen thing, man”), let’s not forget that in the 80′s and 90′s, he portrayed many characters like this one: an energetic police Lieutenant chasing an Irish terrorist who builds “bombs out of Bisquick.” (As Bridges also teaches us in the trailer below, the correct technique for defusing bombs is to run towards the explosion.) Who knew that either Bridges or pancake mix could be so versatile? Not to be confused with the 1993 Corey Haim/Nicole Eggert film of the same name, this one co-stars fellow Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones as the bomber and Forest Whitaker as a rookie cop.

BLOWN AWAY, Tuesday at 10:45P