Faster, Jason! Kill! Kill! Top Five “Friday the 13th” Deaths

In the beginning, Jason was just a disturbed lunatic bothered by the fornicating counselors who had, in his mind, murdered his mom. But one great kill got him started down his bloodthirsty career path, and led to our five favorite Friday kills from the course of the long-running series.

1. Spear Through the Mattress
In Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th Part 2, Jason stands over two camp counselors who’d just done the deed and drives a spear through both of their bodies and the mattress—right into the floor. With this kill, Friday establishes a sexually aggressive motive that would keep Jason killing for years to come.

2. (Cork)Screw It!
If the first two Friday movies tried to pass as traditional horror, chapters three and four is where Jason got sadistically freaky and the franchise found its groove. Speaking of “groove,” does anyone remember Crispin Glover spastically moving to the beat in the deliciously twisted Friday the 13th, Part IV – The Final Chapter? Seizure dancing helps Crispin work up a thirst, so he heads to the kitchen where Jason promptly pins him to the counter by driving a corkscrew through the dude’s hand. Painful? Yes, but it’s nothing compared to the meat cleaver Jason then buries in his victim’s forehead.

3. Sleeping Bag, Meet Tree
Jason’s best kills don’t have to be bloody. In Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood, the maniac makes good use of his wooded surroundings. After infiltrating Judy’s tent, Jason patiently waits while the terrified girl crawls underneath her sleeping bag, hoping the boogeyman will … I don’t know, just go away? Yeah, Jason doesn’t do that. Instead, he drags her out of the tent while still in her sleeping bag, then introduces the bag to a nearby tree.

4. Wheelchair Down the Stairs
Back to Friday Part 2, where Jason proves he’s a merciless killer by offing the handsome, strapping Mark … who happens to be in a wheelchair. Don’t try to plea with Jason, though. He’s not interested. He sends Mark rolling to his death by whacking him upside the forehead with a machete. Unfortunately for Mark, his wheelchair happens to be near a flight of stairs when he receives the blade, flinging him on one last bumpy ride.

5. Face Off!
The Friday movies didn’t necessarily get better with age. However, by Jason X (which actually sends the marauder into outer space), the series’ screenwriters did cook up one very creative way to eliminate a brainy female scientist. Waking from a centuries-long nap, Jason grabs the lab rat and plunges her face first into a pool of liquid nitrogen. Because freezing her face isn’t cruel enough, Jason finishes her off by smashing her frozen face into a table. Brutal! And one of the five best kills in Friday franchise history.

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