What's scarier than a Joe Biden smackdown? Scary Politics, Veep edition

Nuclear Iran! The embassy attack in Libya! War in Syria! Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate brought up some really scary issues (and if you missed it, catch up here). If scary politics is something that actually floats your boat, then have we got some films for you. From now until Election Day, Sundance Channel is giving you a break from all of those horrifying campaign ads: Tuesday nights now feature films scary enough to change an Ayatollah’s mind.

Next week we’ve got Donald Sutherland geared up to freak you out with AN AMERICAN HAUNTING at 9P on Tuesday, 10/16.

And you may have thought Paul “It looked like a bean” Ryan was scary, but check out Liev Schreiber as THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE on Tuesday, 10/23.

Bummed about how Monsanto owns everything you eat? At least you’re not Jeff Goldblum in David Cronenberg’s THE FLY, airing Tuesday, 10/30. This is why we have government regulations, people!

And, finally, get over your fear of that pending trans-vaginal ultrasound with ROSEMARY’S BABYon Election Day, Tuesday 11/06. What’s that? You’ll be watching the returns? Well, that’s just a bunch of…