Top 10 films that will scare the politics out of you

If you thought last night’s Vice Presidential debate got a little hairy at times, then brace yourselves…the political climate is about to get scarier than the cost of two wars on a credit card. And it’s not only because of Paul Ryan’s window’s peak. From now until Election Day Sundance Channel is featuring films on all manner of partisan terrors. There aren’t many movies that explicitly mix election-year issues with horror-picture tropes, but there are plenty of movies on Sundance Channel this month that will scare the ever-loving politics out of you, at least for a couple of hours at a time.

Aaron Eckhart can be scary as your neighborhood misogynist or as a dude who has two faces and decides he hates Batman, but in THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, he redirects his intensity into a full-bore charm offensive as Nick Naylor, a Big Tobacco spin-man happy to tell you that studies haven’t found any links between cigarettes and lung cancer. Eckhart himself won’t freak you out; how much you like him, and the ways his pro-cigarette patter (no worse, he posits, than alcohol or cheese) start to sound convincing, might.

Photo credits: Listal, All Movie Photo

Scare yourself silly with more films that will scare the politics out of you. Your political plights will be your political frights!