Tonight on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS: actor and filmmaker Mark Duplass

Actor. Director. Know-it-all pirate. These are just some of the titles held by Mark Duplass, tonight’s guest and topic of conversation on THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS. As a founding members of the mumblecore movement, you may recognize Duplass from such films as THE PUFFY CHAIR, CYRUS and JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME.

Mark as a child with brother Jay, his partner in crime:

Cute cat.

Here Mark describes his pirate phase:

In 2012, Mark appeared in six films and directed two. Now that’s a guy who knows how to keep himself busy. Read more of the Top 10 Reasons We Love Mark Duplass, and then let him give you some advice with the Top 10 Films Mark Duplass Thinks You Should Watch.

Have a piece of personal history you’d like to share? Here, Sundance Channel’s Jared is imagining himself on stage:

We all need our dreams, however impossible they may seem.

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Photo credit: Chris Ragazzo