Sundance Channel has "binders full of women" and a creepy potential VP

It’s hard to believe that there are only 17 days and one debate left until Election Day. Oh, wait…no it isn’t, because if feels as though this campaign season started four years ago. At least it has been amusing. There have been laugh lines on both sides of the aisle, from binders full of women to things you didn’t build. But, we kid because we care and some of the topics we’ve been cracking up over are pretty darn scary! So, in honor of Sundance Channel’s Scary Politics (films as scary as the issues on Tuesdays at 9P, including THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and ROSEMARY’S BABY) check out the five SCARIEST political stories of the week:

Josh Romney had a terrible time at the debate

And now he is a meme.

The Duggars stump for Todd Akin
Remember that guy who said women’s bodies have a way of shutting down when they’ve been legitimately raped? Well, the biggest family on reality TV is not only standing by their man, but they’re campaigning for him to. Yes, the Duggars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting hit the road to support the guy who confused women for ducks.

Meanwhile…Dennis Miller stumps for Mitt Romney
Your conservative uncle’s favorite comedian Dennis Miller hitched a ride across Virginia on the Romney campaign bus. His big laugh line? Referring to Romney as “the gosh President.” As in, gosh, that’s lame. For the record, Obama had Bruce Springsteen rallying for him in Ohio.

It’s even scarier when the candidates think they’re the comedians
Both President Obama and Governor Romney showed up at the Al Smith dinner in New York City to make fun of themselves and each other. It’s an annual event, with a lot of rich people, that only really makes headlines during election years. Who was funnier?

We’ll let you make your own decision on that one.

Paul Ryan has dishpan hands
Romney’s running mate has been criss-crossing Ohio this week. Even though everybody thinks this race will all come down a few counties in that state, most people seemed focused on whether or not the dishes Ryan washed at a soup kitchen were dirty and how he managed to confuse one gigantic man who plays a game for a living with another gigantic man who plays a game for a living. It happens, they both wear the same shirt (although I’m pretty sure they have their names on ‘em).

Image credits: Lolriot, Quickmeme