Now Playing on Sundance Channel: FORCES OF NATURE, THE HISTORY BOYS and MAMMOTH

Two very different takes on a similar dilemma headline our choices this week, followed by a lighthearted coming-of-age comedy as only the Brits know how to make them.

The first in our pair of films that explore what can happen when your significant other is out of sight (and out of mind) is FORCES OF NATURE, which can best be described as PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES meets FRENCH KISS. Ben Affleck stars as (ahem)… Ben, who’s flying home to Savannah for his wedding. When his flight hits a bird and rolls off the runway, he meets an eccentric fellow passenger named Sarah (Sandra Bullock). With all further flights canceled due to an approaching hurricane, the two set off to find a way home together. A young future groom meets an attractive, free-spirited woman – what could possibly happen, and what does it mean for Ben’s wedding?


MAMMOTH takes a completely different approach to the idea of temptation, and the repercussions from giving in to it. Michelle Williams and Gael García Bernal star as Leo and Ellen Vidales, a wealthy yuppie couple immature in their approach to marriage. When Leo takes a business trip to the Far East and meets a young prostitute, he makes choices that have far-reaching consequences for the members of two families. Far from the rom-com conventions of FORCES OF NATURE, this is a film of terrible beauty. Set your DVR’s because this one’s on early!

MAMMOTH, Tuesday at 10:30A

We close out this week’s picks on the lighter side, with the film adaptation of the award-winning stage comedy THE HISTORY BOYS. Haven’t we all learned yet that the smartest kids in class are always the school misfits, if only they could find that one special teacher who recognized it? Hey, it may not be the most original story, but it’s told with a wit and wisdom that the best British films can seem steeped in. And any film that features both New Order and Blur in the trailer gets our vote.

THE HISTORY BOYS, Saturday at 8P