Top 10 reasons why SECRETARY is better than "Fifty Shades of Grey"

You’ve got to give the Fifty Shades of Grey books credit. The erotic trilogy by E.L. James has single-handedly made BDSM mainstream (now everyone knows what a safe word is), been a boon to the sex-toy industry (hello, love beads!) and improved the sex lives of many a long-married couple (a chapter a day will keep the couple’s therapist away!). But that doesn’t mean the series is without its faults, or that there aren’t better depictions of BDSM relationships in popular culture — or at the very least, one better depiction. The 2002 indie film SECRETARY, a Sundance favorite, blows Fifty out of the water, if you ask us. Here’s why.

10. Grey was here first. E. Edward Grey is the name of the dominant boss played by James Spader in SECRETARY. Almost 10 years later, E.L. James names her dominant lover Christian Grey. Perhaps it was an homage.

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Photo credit: Cinema Squid