Top 10 overlooked films about sex, drugs and rock & roll

There’s nothing like a loud, snarling film to bring out your deviant inner fist pump. Ever since Bill Haley hit the big screen urging kids to rock around the clock, we’ve been relying on movies as vicarious views into rebellious rock, meaningless sex and recreational drug use. (And perhaps a few of us have even tried one or two of those ourselves…)

With so many clichés weighing down the genre, what makes a great sex, drugs and rock & roll movie? Here’s our list of seldom-seen, under-appreciated, let-’er-rip films, including one of the great cinematic visions of the last decade.

The best part is, all of these films are airing on Sundance Channel this month. What?! Read on. And rock on.


After directing visually arresting dramas THE CROW and critics’ favorite DARK CITY, Alex Proyas returned to his homeland for this comedy about a Sydney band with more rock star ambition than talent. The difference here is in Proyas’ visual edge; we know he can create a heavy, ominous tone, but in a lighter setting, his approach has a wild, no-holds-barred goofiness. With all the BS stories about making it big, wouldn’t you rather laugh at the band that gets that “one shot at fame”? GARAGE DAYS reminds us that fantasizing about arena crowds and sexually promiscuous groupies should be fun. Which it is.

Watch GARAGE DAYS this month on Sundance Channel.

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Photo credits: ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE, gdenfon; GARAGE DAYS, Reeling Reviews