Top 10 movie meltdowns

One of the most enjoyable things about movie watching is that moment when someone loses his or her crackers, even if just for a moment, showing us a whole other shade of character. And as enjoyable as it is for the audience, we suspect that it’s probably lots of fun for the actors to let loose a little too. A compendium of raging, comic, emotional and/or heartbreaking meltdowns follows.

10. Paul Giamatti in SIDEWAYS
Talk about being a wine enthusiast. In a hilarious mini flareup of rage, Paul Giamatti as the manic Miles warns Thomas Haden Church’s Jack that he is “not drinking any fucking merlot!” We know Miles is partial to pinot noir, but seriously, is merlot really that bad?

Be sure to watch SIDEWAYS airing next month on Sundance Channel and check out the rest of our Top 10 movie meltdowns.

Photo credits: Cinema Squid; DVD Beaver