Signs you may be bi-curious, à la ROOM IN ROME

Homosexuality is such a political hot potato these days — what with television shows about gay couples and surrogates popping up, and transsexualism being so popular amongst the youth — that people are drawing lines in the discussion. But polarization happens to be taking the place of the great gray space where, I think, most people’s sexuality resides. And that’s a drag. The uproar is having a negative effect with the absurd notion that being bi-curious is wishy-washy, not firm enough of a position for either side. Like, what ever happened to appreciating a good ol’ B.U.G.?

But our friends in Spain are keeping the discussion as ambiguous and sexy as possible in ROOM IN ROME. There are, apparently, plenty of unsuspecting people walking around just dying to have a gay romantic tryst, sub rosa. Not sure how to pick them out of a crowd? Try these tell tale signs — or dropped hairpins, as we like to call them.

Art History
Women who like women who like women are huge Renaissance art fanatics capable of recognizing scholars and religious leaders in oil paintings just about anywhere in Italy. Like the couple hanging in Alba’s (Elena Anaya) palazzo hotel room.

It’s not just for Martina Navratilova — though goodness knows there’s nothing wrong with Martina. She may not be the most graceful contestant to have participated on Dancing With the Stars, but she has gotten many a bi-curious lady piqued on and off the courts, and convinced even more to take lessons. There’s something about the old Eastern Block ladies, like Martina, or Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) in the film.

Speaking Italian
If you didn’t already know, speaking Italian totally makes you bi-curious. Just look at all the Italians.

That’s probably the biggest sign a woman is up for experiencing the love that dare not speak its name. Not sure why, but it just is. Since it isn’t broke, I’m certainly not going to try to fix it.

Being bi-curious is your right, if not your luxury in the First World. And if any of this speaks to you, by all means, go for it. Or if you’re like most of the well-mannered independents in the country who prefer to keep politics out of the bedroom and have a proclivity for voyeurism, let ROOM IN ROME do the work for you. in other words, lie back and get comfortable.

Be sure to catch ROOM IN ROME Sunday at 12A.

Photo credit: IFC Films