"Be confident, not arrogant": Your GET TO WORK tip of the week

This week on GET TO WORK, you’ll meet Cesar, who has just been released from prison and hopes to get his 1-year-old son back in his life. That won’t happen until he finds — and keeps — a job. Will a lack of confidence stand in the way of his dream? Newly sober Janielle wants to stay on the right path by entering the workforce, but will the pressure of Strive lead to a relapse? And homeless veteran Audrea has been through the tough test of basic training but never a program quite like this. The only thing holding her back now is her attitude. She has a choice: Change her behavior or get the boot.

Your GET TO WORK tip this week is also about attitude — you may not even realize that yours is in need of adjustment. Are you projecting confidence or arrogance? There’s a fine line; make sure you’re on the right side of it. Get more tips here.

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