5 funny ladies with foul mouths

With SARAH SILVERMAN: JESUS IS MAGIC on Sundance Channel tonight, we thought it was high time to pay homage to some of our favorite foul-mouthed funny ladies. Sure there are plenty of notable male comedians who have embraced the filthy, but comediennes have their own brand of twisted, crass, sardonic humor. Here’s to closing the gender gap in comedy! Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious? These clips are seriously NSFW. But that’s why we love ‘em.

Sarah Silverman
Unafraid to tackle even the most taboo of topics, Silverman regularly covers race, sex, religion in her standup routines. The more controversial, the better. She takes bigotry by the horns and gives it the heave-ho, and she considers no topic sacrosanct, including rape jokes: “I was raped by a doctor… which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl,” she says in JESUS IS MAGIC.

Wanda Sykes
Speaking of rape jokes, Sykes may have written the book with her detachable pussy number, and there’s a lot more where that came from. As she puts it, “I think it’s harder for women because comedy is so opposite of being ladylike,” yet that hasn’t stopped her from amusing (and offending) fans with incisive routines poking fun at herself, society and her ticket-buying audience.

Margaret Cho
Cho takes on race, LGBQT issues, and more in her routines, which range from the brutally honest to the deliciously crass. We’re huge fans of her blog, which gets down and dirty on serious topics, and her comedy tours are not to be missed. Cho embodies the kind of aggressive self-confidence that makes some men squirm, and she knows it. “These days, I strive to be a bitch,” she says, “because not being one sucks.”

Maysoon Zayid
What could be funnier — or more relevant — than charged topics like terrorism and conflict in the Middle East? Those are some of the favorite topics of Muslim-American comedian Zayid, who has toured with Arabs Gone Wild (and is a Sundance Film Festival alum). Born with cerebral palsy, she’s been known to note, “I’m not drunk, but the doctor who delivered me was!” for live audiences who may be wondering about her balance and coordination.

Joan Rivers
Any list of foul-mouthed comediennes wouldn’t be complete without a tip of the hat to Rivers, an inspiration to women in comedy everywhere. At almost 80, she still willingly takes on Hollywood, fellow celebrities, family and herself. Her commentary on sex and relationships always cracks us up, such as, “I spit on education. No man will ever put his hand up your dress looking for a library card.”

Tune in to SARAH SILVERMAN: JESUS IS MAGIC tonight (or tomorrow morning, depending on your perspective) at 12:50A on Sundance Channel.

Photo credit: Screen grab from SARAH SILVERMAN: JESUS IS MAGIC