YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED: Scottish villagers try to fire The Donald

No doubt you’ve got a firm perception of Donald Trump, and it probably looks something like “crazed birther with bad hair who likes to fire people on TV.” I’ll bet that whether you love or hate The Donald, you’ve probably never used the word “environmentalist” to describe him. Trump has characterized himself that way, though, specifically in regards to how he’s developed luxury golf resorts. Apparently, one resort in Virginia does have a bird sanctuary; in most cases, though, residents and local environmentalists have been unimpressed with Trump’s approach to preserving natural resources while developing land he’s purchased.

The documentary YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED, which had its theatrical release earlier this month, focuses on the clash between Trump and longtime residents of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The real estate magnate purchased hundreds of acres on the country’s northeastern coast for his Trump International Golf Links resort. He needed a few more residents to sell out in order to begin construction. At that point, Trump learned two things: 1) the coastal area on which he intends to build is one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive pieces of land, and 2) the residents of nearby communities aren’t particularly impressed with him. What starts off as an amusing clash of cultures ends up as a battle. Trump convinces the Scottish government to ignore its own environmental laws, and once the project gets the go-ahead, residents who stand in the way find their utilities cut off or giant piles of earth dumped right next to their property.

Directed by Anthony Baxter, YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED has already won acclaim (and awards) at multiple film festivals. Film buffs seem to like it, too, as it’s the top-ranked British feature film on IMDb. Screenings are scheduled for independent theaters around the U.S., Canada and the UK, as well as at a few more festivals this fall.

On a side note, Trump did consider shutting down the Scottish project earlier this year. Not because of resident complaints or ecological concerns, though. Rather, this “environmentalist” was furious about a wind-farm project planned off the coast that his golfers would have to see. You can’t make this stuff up.

If you’ve had a chance to see the film, let us know what you think.


Photo credits: International Film Circuit