Greener Consumption: The upcycled home-decor edition

Need a new look at home? Or just want to spruce up a room? Dreading the thought of paying for the new decor for that transformation? We’ve got you covered with a variety of upcycling projects and recycled items you can buy.

The $5 lantern: Do women love lanterns? I have no idea (and, as a man, know better than to make such generalizations!), but I do think this supposedly female-centric project for refurbishing $5 lanterns picked up at the ReStore is awfully cool. (via Maryann Rizzo on Pinterest)

Old-school speakers: Want a stereo system that looks like it’s out of Mad Men, but sounds like the latest tech? German design house diefabrik’s Tombox speakers merge the old and the new. (via Technabob)

Got wood?: No, not that. Rather, “survival” blog Stealth Armoured shows how to take some old shelving and pallet wood and make crates out of them (which could be used for plain old decoration and storage, in addition to prepping for doomsday!).

The XBOX aquarium: Gamers know that consoles don’t last forever; they might not know they do last for centuries in landfills. That bugged designer Spencer Shepard, who decided to turn an old XBOX into a working aquarium. Check it out in action below. (via Earth Techling)

Like your wine from a barrel?: We won’t comment on your drinking habits; we will note, though, that hundreds of thousands of wine barrels get discarded annually in California alone. These outdoor tables from Vivaterra make much better use of that material. (via Earth 911)

Refinished Arizona? Can’t help but think of the Coen brothers classic RAISING ARIZONA when I hear the phrase “unfinished furniture.” Don’t know if Nathan Arizona, however, has followed the lead of Grover and Suzie Cox of Grover Beach, California, who now upcycle and sell unique wooden furnishings in addition to their usual unpainted and unstained offerings.

Design that goes “Boom!”: Not literally (or probably not literally — might want to check your insurance). Stockpile Designs takes decommissioned military hardware and turns it into decorative pieces. (via Inhabitat)

Know of other upcycled pieces, or upcycling projects, for transforming your decor? Share them with us.


Photo credit: Screen capture from “XBOX 360 Nano-Reef Aquarium” video