Top 10 films to jumpstart your ambition

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We hate to admit it, but life is tough. To persevere, rise above and truly succeed, a very simple choice must be made every day: Am I going to do what it takes to take care of myself and those around me, or am I not? It may feel like that decision gets harder and harder in light of new challenges that present themselves day after day, but the choice always remains our own. The brand new Sundance Channel series GET TO WORK examines this process, following down-and-out unemployed citizens as they try to pick their lives back up, find work and unlock their forgotten potential.

The films and characters in this list are meant to motivate and provide examples of those who have chosen wisely and aspired greatly.

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10. HOOP DREAMS (1984)

Sundance Film Festival alum HOOP DREAMS is a documentary so arresting, it can be considered a Hollywood drama in its own right. Revealing Chicago inner-city life from the inside out through the eyes of two high school boys with dreams of being like the legendary Isaiah Thomas, this doc went above and beyond the world of sports (which would have sufficed on its own) to discuss the hardships brought on by differences in race and class, and what it takes to stick with your dreams.

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