Top 10 tangled love triangles in film

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The tangled love triangle is such a cinematic trope that we could probably put together a list for every year (or a list of Top 10 love triangles with bad ’80s haircuts… or Top 10 love triangles starring Reese Witherspoon…). We decided to limit this list to love-triangle films we actually enjoyed (and not in a guilty-pleasure kind of way) — which is why you won’t find the Bella-Edward-Jacob affair here, despite the ubiquity of “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” merchandise. Same goes for PEARL HARBOR (2001), which attempted to make the love triangle a heroic response to war; or WILD THINGS (1995), which accessorized the love triangle with hot tubs and champagne (and was really more of a lust triangle, anyway); or INDECENT PROPOSAL (1993), which theorized the love triangle as a financial and real estate decision; or MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING (1997), which was a terrible movie despite championing off-key karaoke.

For some tangled love action, sans the cheese, check out Sundance Channel’s Hot Summer Nights series: every Friday and Saturday night in August, there’s a triple bill of films designed to steam up your TV, including the triangular Y TĂš MAMA TAMBIÉN, 3SOME and HEARTBEATS (more on those films below). And for yet another tangled mess that we didn’t have space for, check out LITTLE CHILDREN (2006) — which might, actually, be more of a love square — and which airs on Sundance Channel in August.

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This is one of those rare love triangles that has something for everyone, whether you’re an indiphile, an unabashed lover of weepie romances, a subtitles-only film snob or an avid consumer of soft-core porn. And the guy-on-guy action is a pleasant surprise for straight women (and gay men) who like to roll their eyes at the champagne-and-hot-tub, two-girls-and-a-guy love triangles that are a Hollywood favorite. It’s rare for onscreen sex to be both realistic and scorching hot, but this movie, er, nails it.

These triangles are tangled and sophisticated — read the rest of Top 10 tangled love triangles in film.

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