Top 10 skills that make you indispensable

Photo credit: Sundance Channel

What does it take to land a job — and keep it? The new Sundance Channel series GET TO WORK examines following down-and-out unemployed citizens as they try to pick their lives back up, find work and unlock their potential. But in this environment, almost anyone can relate to this struggle. To help in this process, Assistant Director of Career Services at Strive Katherine Strickle shares 10 critical skills to make you indispensable.

Photo credit: Sundance Channel


The ability to problem solve is key to becoming an indispensable employee. People with strong analytical skills are the kinds of employees who are able to figure things out on their own and without supervision. These are also the kind of employees whom managers are willing and eager to give responsibilities to — and once you have others relying on you, you’re in a good position.

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