Top 10 most awkward family moments

Regardless of the season, it’s always important to make time for family. And with family comes some of the most awkward, amusing, cringe-worthy or downright creepy moments on film. This selection, including the much-loved SIDEWAYS, covers some of the best and most guffaw-inducing moments imaginable, from a talk about the birds and the bees to lying to mom to something perhaps even a bit weirder…

10. SIDEWAYS (2004)

Paul Giamatti as manic Miles fakes a little visit with mom just to steal some of her money. What makes this even more hilariously watchable is the fact that Miles isn’t a freeloading college student down on his luck and pinching some twenties from mom’s purse; he’s a severely middle-aged schmoe who should be very, very past this.

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Do you thrive on dysfunction? Don’t miss SIDEWAYS, starring Paul Giamatti as a hopeless author with anger issues, airing this month on Sundance Channel.