Top 10 directors not afraid of nudes

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If you spend a lot of time analyzing movie sex scenes like we do, you might find yourself rolling your eyes at how many onscreen couples manage to have sex without ever showing any skin… or who fall asleep with a sheet covering them just so… or who always put on a shirt and underpants when they get out of bed to pee, no matter how raunchy things just got. Where’s the nudity? Where’s the raunch? Well, if you’re looking to really steam things up this summer, check out the Hot Summer Nights series: every Friday and Saturday night in August, there is a triple bill of films designed to do just that, from Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN to DIARY OF A NYMPHOMANIAC. For further feverish research on your own time, you might want to look up the work of the following 10 directors who are very, shall we say, comfortable with onscreen nudity. And we mean the real kind — not the CGI kind. Only after we finished this list did we realize it was entirely male, which we suppose shouldn’t surprise us — after all, most of the nudity is female. But we dug up male nudity — or, at least, equal-opportunity nudity — where we could. You’re welcome!

10. Lars von Trier
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Is there anything Lars von Trier is afraid of when it comes to movie-making? (Except perhaps slapstick humor — we can’t quite see him going with a banana-peel gag.) This Danish filmmaker makes very smart movies — which might make you feel like less of a perv about all the nudity if the works weren’t also extremely disturbing. He is one of the founders of the purist avant-garde film movement Dogme 95, which shuns special effects and other Hollywood gimmicks — perhaps that’s why he’s known for showing unsimulated sex in his films like THE IDIOTS (1998) and ANTI-CHRIST (2009), as well as full-frontal nudity of both the male and female variety. Oh, and his company, Zentropa, also produces hardcore pornography. Who doesn’t have a hardcore porn-producing hobby these days?

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