The youngest Apple fanboy and his homemade creations

The title of youngest, biggest Apple fanboy and technologist has been spoken for by a precocious five-year-old named London. His mother sweetly explains how her first iPhone ignited an obsession in London (or as she refers to him, the “Little Techie”) with all things related to Apple. As a result, their home is strewn with “at least 50 iPhone and iPods made out of paper, icons and applications built out of LEGOS, and cardboard laptops and broken keyboards filling his toy bins and bookshelf.” And luckily for us, these creations are now archived and displayed at a Tumblr all its own, Little Techie. I personally love the paper craft designed ones, such as this detailed iPad, but unsurprisingly LEGO bricks figure prominently in many of his models.

This month also happens to mark the 80th anniversary of this popular toy. To celebrate, LEGO released this cute 17-minute long animated short film by Kjeld Kirke Christiansen, the great-grandson of the LEGO founder, explaining the origin of the company and the now-iconic toys. We’re no newcomers to LEGO fandom, either — check out all our LEGO stories.

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