Recipes for famous movie meals, from GOODFELLAS to SIDEWAYS

GOODFELLAS prison meal

Sure, you could just serve popcorn at your next movie night with family or friends — but how about taking it to another level? With the help of some expert chefs, has recipes that emulate famous meals from iconic films, like the Big Kahuna from PULP FICTION and the prison meal from GOODFELLAS (my favorite gangster movie). So instead of popcorn, on your next GOODFELLAS night enjoy the same delicious pasta meal Paulie, Vinnie, Johnny Dio and Henry sit down to in prison. Whether or not to chop the garlic with a razor blade is entirely up to you. As Paulie (Paul Sorvino) says when Henry (Ray Liotta) produces the bottles of red and white wine: “OK, now we can eat… OK, boys let’s eat.”

Speaking of wine, for all you oenophiles, tune in tonight at 11P to watch Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church in SIDEWAYS. My recipe for this new classic film is as follows: Grab 3 bottles of wine. Open. Pour and drink.

Photo credit: Screen shot from GOODFELLAS