Hey Girl, it's Paul Ryan Gosling

A few years ago a humble little Tumblr blog called Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling launched, featuring images of the dreamy, blue-eyed, well-toned actor with imagined lovey-dovey quotes from him to you, the girlfriend: “Hey Girl, if I had to get swine flu, I’d want to get it from you.” It hasn’t been updated in months, but it doesn’t have to be: It spawned a thousand spinoff Gosling “Hey Girl” sites to keep you satisfied: Feminist Ryan Gosling (our favorite, and the one with a book deal), Typographer Ryan Gosling, Shakespearean Ryan Gosling, the list goes on and on… (See Know Your Meme for a more complete history.)

Then some young female fiscal conservatives started a pro-Paul Ryan Tumblr blog called Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan. For example, “Hey Girl, you know I can’t resist a tight little budget.” Eh.

Now, the evolution of the Hey Girl meme might have reached its pinnacle this week with the creation of Paul Ryan Gosling — a genuinely hilarious way to really get to know the dreamy, blue-eyed, well toned, Republican vice presidential nominee intimately. There’s the Twitter account – ”the better Paul Ryan” — with more than 40,000 followers already, and also a Tumblr blog with a Facebook page (we can’t tell if the two are from the same genius) and then still another inspired spinoff focusing solely on Paul Ryan’s attacks on reproductive freedom called Hey Girl, XOXO Paul Ryan. Here are some of our faves:


Photo credit: PaulRyanGosling.tumblr.com