Now Playing on Sundance Channel: UNCERTAINTY, CADAVER, SIDEWAYS and more

We’ve got a sizzling selection of summer thrills and summer lovin’ for you this week, including the action-packed UNCERTAINTY, the creepy CADAVER, the sexy satire BOOGIE WOOGIE and the charmingly boozy SIDEWAYS.

First up we have our Thriller Thursday selection, an opportunity to turn off the lights and lock the front door to watch Scott McGeehee and David Siegel’s UNCERTAINTY, the diverging-narratives tale of young lovers who flip back and forth between a complex family story and a suspenseful on-the-run thriller.

Starring indie darling Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins.
UNCERTAINTY Thursday at 10P

For your weekly dose of the weird, the wild and the way out, we’ve got CADAVER on WTF. This Thai supernatural thriller follows a young medical student who gets much more than she bargained for when she encounters her first cadaver for experimentation.

This supernatural horror will keep you enthralled and creeped out in equal measures.
CADAVER Friday at 12A

This week in our Hot Summer Nights, a triple bill every Friday and Saturday that promises: The later it gets, the hotter it gets, we’ve got Duncan Ward’s BOOGIE WOOGIE, a randy satire centered on the London art scene.

With a tremendous ensemble cast including Gillian Anderson, Heather Graham, Alan Cumming, Danny and Jack Huston, Amanda Seyfried and Stellan Skarsgård.

All of you David Lynch freaks have undoubtedly watched BLUE VELVET before. But, have you ever watched BLUE VELVET with Robert Redford? Probably not…

Now is your chance! Don’t miss out. He’ll bring the knowledge if you bring the popcorn.
BLUE VELVET Saturday at 8P

And finally, on this week’s Movies We Love Lust, we’ve got Alexander Payne’s Oscar-winning SIDEWAYS, the wine-swigging, off-kilter road-trip buddy movie that made Paul Giamatti into a household name.

Also starring Thomas Haden Church, Sandra Oh and the disarmingly lovely Virginia Madsen.
SIDEWAYS Sunday at 10P

Photo credit: Fox Searchlight