New memes: Shaming man's best friend, plus Mitt goes little

For a while there was a popular meme involving cats and slices of bread. That might be a reason to give up the Internet entirely, but some (bored?) cat owners began photographing their cats with slices of bread worn around their seemingly content furry feline heads. Well, now (disobedient) dogs are in the meme spotlight. Dog owners have been submitting photos of their misbehaving pooches with signs explaining their misdeed over at Dog Shaming. Hey, dogs that dig through the trash: Just because you are known as “man’s best friend” doesn’t exclude you from taking responsibility for naughty behavior. That said, it is tough to stay mad too long at these dogs — aw, look at that face!

One good dog you won’t see shamed is the mutt Lucy in the 2008 critically acclaimed indie film WENDY AND LUCY, starring Michelle Williams. Tune in Saturday, September 1 at 8P — and all month — to catch this film.

Bonus: Speaking of memes, the other randomly hilarious and politically apropos one is Little Face Mitt. People say that pictures speak louder than words, which is great for a lazy guy like me because instead of describing what this exactly is, I’ll just show you a (disturbing) photo of Little Face Mitt as an example:

You’re welcome.

Photo credits: Dog Shaming, Little Face Mitt