If the Sartorialist were obsessed with skateboarders

London-based photographer Sam Ashley’s The Skartorialist, a skateboard-centric street fashion blog, might remind you of something. Borrowing from (or satirizing?) Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist‘s modus operandi of photographing his trendy and fashionably dressed subjects in their natural habitat on the streets straight on with his camera (here’s a recent example from London), Ashley instead focuses his lens on skateboarders. In the process — and perhaps this the biggest impact of Schuman’s and other street-style photographers’ work — he seems to elevate skateboarding clothing and style.

Perusing the Skartorialist made me curious about whether the Sartorialist had ever snapped any skateboarders. And after poking around a bit I found a few (“Orchard St., New York”, “27th St., New York” and “14th St., New York”, for example), but interestingly they are more action shots, and atypical of the style he is more typically known for. Perhaps skateboarders are an ornery bunch who don’t want to pose, even for the great Sartorialist?

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Photo credits: Sam Ashley and Scott Schumann