Greener Consumption: The many things you can do with a Mason Jar edition

One item with nearly infinite possibilities for reconfiguration? It doesn’t get much greener than that. While Mason Jars are a staple for home canners, the crafty crowd has discovered their potential, too. From the decorative to the very functional, it turns out there are lots of things you can do with a Mason Jar.

An outdoor hanging lantern: Want some romantic lighting for an outdoor setting? Following up on our upcycled home-decor post from a couple of weeks ago, these lanterns created by my buddy Becky Striepe require no tools for wireworking. That’s one of them above.

A pickling crock: Sure, Mason Jars are often used to store pickles, but with the right kind of lid, you can turn one into “a damn fine Pickl-It style fermentation crock.” (I’ll assume the pickling crowd knows what that means… I didn’t!).

A liquid soap dispenser: Never buy one of those crappy plastic soap dispensers that stops working before it’s empty again! Another crafty friend, Karen Lee, shows you how to turn a Mason Jar into a much more attractive (and, no doubt, much longer lasting) soap dispenser in this tutorial.

A miniature light/waterless snow globe: This vaguely Victorian-looking light in a Mason Jar could add a nice touch during the holidays. SaltTree walks you through the process of making one.

A garden: Well, technically, a terrarium. Jamie at Scissors and Steam put together this tutorial for bringing a little plant life into otherwise drab surroundings.

A cocktail shaker: OK, not actually a DIY project, but too cool to pass up (and there’s no reason you couldn’t make one on your own). Brooklyn-based designers Josh and Eric put together a Kickstarter project to fund this one and brought in almost 15 times the money they needed.

Speakers: Designer Sarah Pease figured out that Mason Jars would make a great housing for David Mellis’ open-source speakers. (via Make)

Go pick up a box of Mason Jars and go crazy. Let us know what you create — if you need ideas, this Pinterest board (from which a few of the ideas above come) can help.


Photo credit: Becky Striepe at Glue and Glitter