Greener Consumption: The lagniappe edition

Lagniappe” is a concept from my Southern Louisiana childhood — it translates roughly as “a little something extra,” and refers to things a merchant might toss in with a purchase (think a baker’s dozen). This week, I thought I’d give you a little lagniappe on some of our previous Greener Consumption themes. So if you’re looking for new reuse projects, green items for the kids or more indoor gardening ideas, we’ve got ‘em.

Got boxes?: Tempted to trash those cardboard boxes that come with, well, everything? Before you do, take a look at these various projects at 1-800-Recycling.

Make your own gardening space: Don’t have a balcony for a few pots? No problem: The “Volet végétal” system by French design house Barreau & Charbonnet lets you turn any window into planting space. (via Inhabitat)

Upcycle that thrift store furniture: Furniture’s expensive — why not get the look you want for a low price and some “sweat equity”? Earth 911 shares 12 different ideas for upcycling those thrift store finds.

Take an airbag on the go: Need a new bag? KEEN’s new Harvest III collection includes a tote bag, a messenger bag and two wallets… and they’re all made from airbag materials that the manufacturer would’ve otherwise dumped. (via Ecouterre)

Keep the kids hydrated and BPA-free: Are reusable water bottles the new thermos? If so, make sure you’re choosing a product that isn’t lined with BPA. Inhabitots lists five models for thirsty kids and concerned parents.

Mason jar solar lights: Just add these specially made lids to a Mason jar and you’ve got a solar garden/walkway light that will get people talking. (via Mason Jar DIY at Pinterest)

Share your way through college: School’s starting up again, and that means all of those on-campus expenses. Shareable has created a gift economy survival guide for college students who’d like to spend less and share more.

Got your own lagniappe for us? Plug it in to the comment below.


Photo credit: kfergos via photo pin cc