Greener Consumption: The grow-your-own indoor edition

Your garden not doing so well? Neither is mine — this heat and drought have been brutal. Rather than bitching, though, those of us with yards might want to take a look at the practices and products used by people without them (or with really limited space) for growing ornamental plants and vegetables.

The mobile living wall: The LiveScreen, a new product from LiveWall, is a vertical planting system designed for small spaces like patios and balconies — it might even work on a fire escape (though the fire marshal may not approve).

A greenhouse for city dwellers: Now you can have a greenhouse even if you live in an apartment — the IKEA SOCKER Greenhouse lets you create the perfect environment for whatever you want to grow. (via Inhabitat)

Growing furniture: Furnishings that also serve as growing spaces? Gotcha covered: Judy Hoysack’s Vegetable Furniture lets you put a vegetable garden smack dab in the middle of your living room. (via Earth Techling)

Worms in the kitchen: Sounds kind of gross, but if you want to compost and don’t have any yard space, a worm bin is one of your best options. Gothamist walks you through the process of making your own.

Let it rain: Plants love rainwater, and you don’t have to settle on the typical ugly barrel to collect it. This 60-gallon “water urn” even has a planter on top!

Indoor gardening as wall art: Last year, we featured Urbio’s Kickstarter campaign. It succeeded (wildly!), and now these planters that allow you to create wall art with your indoor gardening efforts are available for purchase.

Light ‘em up!: If you’re serious about indoor gardening, you may want to install lighting systems designed to assist with plant growth. Greener Ideal has a rundown of grow lights.

Got other things you do (or things you use) to keep plants alive and healthy indoors? Let us know about them.


Photo credit: simone riccardi at flickr under a Creative Commons license