GET TO WORK: Attitude matters

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? I’m certainly feeling like it after watching the inaugural episode of GET TO WORK. This week we got to meet the core team at Second Chance, which partners with the national organization Strive to get people back to work — especially if they’ve had some rough knocks in life.

We met Angela, a recovering addict; Bobby, a former drug dealer with gang affiliations and his fair share of prison experience; and Adam, a smart-talking ex-convict who had to complete the program or risk going back to jail. These members of Class 160 endured four weeks of a fierce, elimination-style boot camp to prove they had what it took to get back out there on the job market. I’ve gotta say, I agree with manager Rob Smith, who notes that attitude is one of the biggest issues for people seeking employment. Lesson learned: Don’t mouth off to your manager.

What else can you learn this week?

1. You know the theory of the Möbius, that twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop? That’s playing out right now in Michigan, where unemployment workers become unemployed. As the state looks to cut costs on government services, almost 200 temporary workers were dismissed from the unemployment insurance office. More are slated for dismissal, which means the remaining employees have their very own pink slips of Damocles hovering above their desks.

2. I don’t know whether to love or hate this guy, who posted a fake job ad on Craigslist (boo, hiss) for the purpose of scoping out his competition, then filtered through all 653(!) resumes he got in 24 hours(!!) and crunched the numbers for us. Why, yes, there are pie charts.

Photo credit: Gawker Media

3. I’m ending on one of my favorite quick overviews of how we define unemployment, since you might be surprised by who’s considered “unemployed” by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because it really does feel like a game show sometimes.

Take charge and make a change! GET TO WORK airs Mondays at 10:30P.