Film Intelligence: Kristen Stewart nixed, Henry Selick stopped, INDIANA JONES digitized

Every week there are dozens of film news stories. We read them all and bring you the five most important ones in the single most important blog post you’ll ever read (today [at this moment]). This week: dreams, festivals, raids and teen idols.

1. Henry Selick’s New Nightmare

Henry Selick is one of the most talented stop-motion animators on the planet. His résumé includes films like THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and CORALINE — and it was aout to include a new untitled 3D project that had been shooting since last summer in San Francisco. Sadly, it looks like this latest film may not happen, as Selick’s distributors at Disney pulled the plug this week, shutting down production about a year before a scheduled October 2013 release. Deadline’s report says that the film “just wasn’t coming together in a manner that pleased the studio.” Apparently all the characters were moving really slowly in the dailies. I kid. Selick has the option to shop the movie to other studios. Fingers crossed that he does, and one of them bites, and this thing makes its way to audiences quicker than you can animate me taking out my wallet to pay for a ticket. [Deadline]

2. Increasing Northern Exposure

The 2012 Toronto Film Festival draws ever closer, like me drawing ever closer to a plate of poutine anytime I’m north of the border. This week, the festival announced some 50 additional titles — five-zero, additional, and yeah, it’s a hella big festival — which I will now list alphabetically by director. All right, no, apparently I won’t, as I’m being told we don’t have the space for that, but here are some highlights: Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER (in 70mm!), Nick Cassavetes’ YELLOW, Lee Daniels’ THE PAPERBOY, Brian De Palma’s PASSION, Harmony Korine’s SPRING BREAKERS, Spike Lee’s BAD 25, Walter Salles’ ON THE ROAD. You’ll be so busy trying to catch all the amazing movies at the fest — which runs from September 6 through 16 — that you’ll hardly have time to chew your cheese curds. [Variety]

3. Re-raiding the LOST ARK

You throw me the whip, I throw you the up-conversion to IMAX. For one week starting September 7, Steven Spielberg’s classic adventure serial RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK will play IMAX theaters around the country to drum up publicity for the film’s first Blu-ray release on September 18. Spielberg himself supervised the transfer to IMAX, and those worried about STAR WARS or E.T.-style digital revisions can breathe a sigh of relief: Other than a digital polish and an improved sound mix, Spielberg says RAIDERS looks exactly as it did back in 1981. Thank God. If the swordsman had done his whole display and then Indy had killed him by shooting him with a walkie-talkie, I might have had a nervous breakdown. A full list of theaters, playdates and details should be coming showing to in the very near future. [The New York Times]

4. Unfairest Decision of Them All

With relatively little fanfare, Kristen Stewart’s SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN became one of the biggest hits of the summer, earning more than $389 million worldwide. Then Stewart confessed to an affair with her director, Rupert Sanders, cuckolding her famous beau and TWILIGHT costar Robert Pattinson and breaking the hearts of thousands of deranged Twihards. At that point, the fanfare got a bit louder. The drama around the film has quickly eclipsed the drama within the film (yes, that was a TWILIGHT joke, deal with it); the latest development, according to The Hollywood Reporter, finds Universal Pictures shelving its planned SNOW WHITE sequel in favor of a HUNTSMAN spinoff starring Chris Hemsworth. Does one thing have anything to do with the other? That’s “not clear” says THR — and several other sites are now claiming Stewart was never attached to a SNOW WHITE sequel in the first place. Maybe instead she can take over the lead role in the competing SNOW WHITE franchise, MIRROR, MIRROR, for its inevitable sequel. [The Hollywood Reporter]

5. Ringing the Death Knell of Capitalism

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, he’s got a new movie opening in limited release this Friday called COSMOPOLIS. Directed by David Cronenberg, it’s a bleak, nightmarish tale about the end of capitalism, which crumbles under the weight of its own greed and stupidity right in front of Pattinson’s eyes. And what better way to celebrate a movie with that sort of worldview than by… ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange? Given COSMOPOLIS’ subject matter, in which a billionaire stock trader (RPattz) blows his fortune on bad bets and travels around New York in search of a haircut as it implodes, Cronenberg and Pattinson showing up on Wall Street to ring in a new day at the stock market is easily the most brilliantly subversive PR stunt of the year. Were they ringing the opening bell or a death knell? Eh, who cares. Long live the new flesh! [Just Jared]

Photo credit: Paperboy Trailer Blogspot