David Lynch is having a champagne moment

David Lynch is having a bit of a moment. Yes, it’s outside of the film world, but of course it still has all of Hollywood (and us) intrigued. The surrealist director — whose credits include BLUE VELVET, LOST HIGHWAY, ERASERHEAD and MULHOLLAND DRIVE — has a naughty love for women, organic coffee, quinoa and, not surprisingly, champagne, which led to his collaboration with Dom Pérignon.

Lynch launched a campaign for the French vintner that channeled his aesthetic, celebrating the power of creation, late last year. Earlier this week there was a release party for the limited-edition bottles he designed for the house’s 2003 vintage and 2000 Rosé that included a short film depicting the guests living through a very Lynchian fête.

Filmmaker Luke Gilford captured the evening, and released the surreal footage with a sentiment that echoes the sexually charged and dreamlike world dirty David helped forge. Check out the young and the restless as they celebrate the demimonde with a turntable set by “it” DJ Diplo, and a performance by The Kills.

Partygoers like Bret Easton Ellis and Bill Viola were among the beautiful Angelenos, though we couldn’t spot them. Watch the video and listen to Lynch espouse his beliefs in the power of creation, helping make sense of the sexy chaos rumbling about. How L.A.

Photo Credit: Dom Pérignon