Blake Lively brings old-Hollywood glamour to life for Gucci Premiere

Gucci has chosen Blake Lively to be the new face of the company’s couture line, Gucci Premiere. And in an attempt to establish our current times as just as chic as any before, creative director Frida Giannini called upon the talents of Danish director — and Ryan Gosling’s go-to in Hollywood — Nicolas Winding Refn to direct a short film accompanying the launch of the campaign with the SAVAGES star in the lead.

The majority of the footage is scheduled to debut in Cannes, but a 30-second clip that began circulating around the Internet earlier this week has the Gossip Girl all grown up, looking more like a modern-day Hollywood bombshell and less like the TV character’s epithet, every parent’s nightmare. Then again, maybe not. In the short film, Lively has a blank stare suggesting wanderlust and submission to the ways of the world.

We first see Lively dressed in a gold evening gown that evokes classic celluloid glamour (the silhouette inspired by 1930s Hollywood classicism) overlooking the city of angels at night from a glass perch high in the hills. Mlle. Lively finishes off her ensemble with a few gentle sprays from an atomizer, causing a rush of emotions that translates into a fantasy, or recent memory, where the new Dietrich catwalks through the desert for a director while a camera crane pans to capture every step. It’s a strong and fairly literal analogy to the eponymous fragrance that seems to remind — if not revive — the starlet of the reality of celebrity awaiting her in the valley below. Like DRIVE, the 30-second spot is scored with electronic music, and has Refn’s stamp of seduction, vice and corrupted beauty all over it, placing the video squarely in the zeitgeist. An instant time capsule of what we as a culture consider glamorous.

The name Gucci Premiere, first introduced in 2010 at Cannes, is no coincidence, but rather a boast to the recent halcyon days of excess where gowns for affairs that had, say, a red carpet, a thousand paparazzi, television crews and mantle-size awards, were tantamount to the state of the economy in this election year. And why not? During difficult times in the past we have looked to our stars and the cinema for an escape from our lives and the malaise of reality. There will always be a need for luxury and a beautiful face to guide us through fantasy. Lively and Refn seem like the appropriate pairing for our times.

Photo credit: Gucci Premiere