Best videos of the week starring the fastest car in the playground

5. Liu Xiang, the star Olympic hurdler of the Chinese men’s team, turned a crushing defeat into one of the iconic uplifting moments of this year’s London games. On another note, this Chinese University hurdler does not let his inability to leap over a single hurdle get in the way of reaching the finish line. As the honey badger would say, “the Chinese hurdler don’t care.”

4. People seem pretty excited for the upcoming release of the sequel to TAKEN, starring Liam Neeson — at least when they’re not skeptically asking, “They got taken… again?” Granted, it’s always pretty satisfying to see Neeson go to work against bad guys, but what if the plot of this film happened in real life and your father had to take matters into his own hands? This video explores such a possibility with hysterical results.

3. Corgis have been a viral video hit ever since these cute corgis were captured playing an enthusiastic game of tetherball. Another adorable corgi is making the rounds this week, adorably enjoying himself at a playground water park in Oregon.

2. We have a challenger to the throne currently owned by the Double Rainbow enthusiast. Making his own bid for fame, this overly excited fan of trains breathlessly freaks out over what I assume must be a couple of very rare trains.

1. Earning himself a nomination for coolest dad of the year, this guy modified his young son’s plastic toy “Power Wheel” car into a literal power wheel. The speed of this car is phenomenal and the Internet agreed. In just one week this video has earned almost 2 million views on YouTube from many a jealous grownup.

Photo credit: Seanatfftec