Best videos of the week starring… the best music video ever?

Celebrate the end of a week, the beginning of a weekend and the start of a new month with the Number One video this week. I don’t want to spoil it for you — other than to say that after watching it you will be inspired with a new dance move to show off at the discotheque on Saturday night.

5. This British woman outside of one of the Olympic stadiums works her megaphone to cheerlead and pump up the crowds with a new technique called deadpan humor. NBC should seriously consider hiring her for their coverage.

4. Last fall I shared this auto-tuned “Symphony of Science” song by John D. Boswell, created by sampling from various science documentaries. Now PBS has partnered with Boswell to remix the Boss of happy little clouds, Bob Ross. It’s such a happy song.

3. The animal kingdom saw the emergence of a new star this week, from the goat family. He’s a a five-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat kid, but to be frank he’s kind of a jerk. Look for yourself.

2. The phenomenon — for better or for worse — that is “Call Me Maybe” took a more artistic spin this week as musicians Jessica Jarrell, James Alan and Jake Broido (and a payphone) collaborate in this catchy mash-up of “Call Me Maybe” and Maroon 5′s “Payphone.” The Internet seemed to appreciate it.

1. About 10 different friends emailed me this music video from South Korean artist Park Jae Sang aka PSY. Not sure what that exactly says about what my friends think of me (after you see it you may wonder the same thing), but I watched it again every single time. One blog was so impressed it broke it down second by second. Oh by the way, the guy at the end of the video in the yellow outfit is, like, the biggest star in Korea and that dance is his trademark. With more than 10 million views of this video so far, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll see the moves featured here on a dance floor near you.