Best videos of the week, starring "Call Me Maybe" (again!)

5. Summer school is in session this week with the video in the number 5 slot. The Internet loves cats, but how well do you understand them? In this entertaining yet educational video, we learn how exactly cats always land on their feet, with the help of GiGi, a super cute and accommodating house cat. Thanks to high-speed motion-capture video, we now know the fascinating science behind this perennial mystery.

4. Wally De Backer, better known by his stage moniker, Gotye, pays tribute to his talented fans who recorded and uploaded videos of themselves covering his hit single “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Gotye took these videos and created this mash-up by stitching them together. You can find a full list of the YouTube videos he used here. Some artists would probably freak out over the “unauthorized” covers of their song, but I think this is a great example of understanding the still-new medium of the Web and utilizing it in a way that garners goodwill as well as creating a meaningful dialogue with his fan base. Relatedly, “Somebody That I Used to Know” made an appearance in these pages earlier this summer, when a couple of precocious kids completely owned this song.

3. A couple of weeks ago, the number one selection in this column was an inescapable music video for a song called “Gangnam Style” which came to us courtesy of Korea. I was at a wedding last weekend where the DJ played this song and the crowd went nuts. In the number three spot this week, some cheerleaders and the mascot for the Doosan Bears, a professional baseball team in Korea, perform a dance to this song. It’s entertaining enough but gets particularly awesome around the 0:58 mark, when one of the team’s security guards joins in.

2. One guy’s review of a Five Guys burger is transformed into a hilariously catchy auto-tuned song. Bonus feature: the original video was a minor viral hit in its own right earlier this year.

1. “Call Me Maybe” is back again in the number one spot with the help of a throwback viral site: Remember Chatroulette? Well, one fetching character in revealing outfits teases people on Chatroulette while lip synching to this summer’s jump-off jam. Result: hilariousaurus.