Best videos of the week, starring a "skateboard rabbi"

5. Korean sensation PSY’s “Gangnam Style” is back in this weekly video roundup for the third time this month. The man himself appears at a Dodgers-Giants game, meetings which are notoriously fraught with the specter of violence between opposing fans, but it’s all love when “Gangnam Style” is piped through the loudspeakers.

4. What does it take to transform a nobody into an instant somebody — or in this case a “celebrity” swarmed by adoring fans? Answer: a couple of hulking bodyguards in black suits, a dash of hovering assistants and a splash of paparazzi cameras. Blend, stir and pour into Times Square and sit back and watch Brett Cohen become “Oh, my god! It’s Brett Cohen from SPIDER-MAN!”

3. Thanks to one Redditor, this old video of his cousin was unearthed from the YouTube time capsule and receives the spotlight that it deserves. It’s a video of his cousin Joshua, who appears as a contestant on The Price Is Right while on shrooms and drunk (basically the opposite lifestyle of all those Ad Council PSA commercials), in which he claims to work as a “Skateboard Rabbi.” Sure, why not. For what it’s worth, Drew Carey seems to be enjoying it all immensely. Josh provides more background color on how this all transpired here. In related news, check out this North Carolinian savant who appeared on the show and just nailed it.

2. Frustrated fans of one of the worst teams in a German soccer league try to assist with signs that helpfully point out to the players what they are supposed to do while on the pitch. The result is hilarious.

1. In 1995, fifth-graders at Ray Bjork school in Helena, Montana, expressed their enthusiasm for the promise the then-inchoate Internet would bring and as The Atlantic pointed out, it’s “oddly and frighteningly prophetic,” as they envision a future where “the Internet will be our telephone, television, shopping center and workplace.” What’s more, the video even features the mascot of the Internet: a cat.