ANNIE HALL's New York, then and now

In December I shined some SUNlight on Nick Carr, who chronicles his interesting discoveries as a film location scout on his blog. Now he brings us a terrific post featuring Woody Allen‘s ANNIE HALL (which happens to be one of my favorite films). Many of Allen’s most iconic films were shot years before I ever stepped foot in New York and a lot has changed since then, but nonetheless the lens through which he captured the urbanscape, pace and experiences of the city still resonates with me. It’s one of the reasons I love this film, as well as MANHATTAN and HANNAH AND HER SISTERS.

Scouting NY revisits Alvy Singer and Annie Hall’s New York, making shot-by-shot comparisons to the present day. Some locations have utterly changed since the film was shot in 1976 — especially Coney Island — and others not at all.

Photo credit: Scouting NY